Scott Nicholson's Recent HourCNY Appearance

Showing: Ticket to Ride, Ingenious, That's Life, Nexus Ops, Techno Witches, and Wits & Wagers

I was on HourCNY again in December talking about Games for the Holidays. I was much more panicked in this segment because I didn't have space to set up ahead of time. Everything you see on the table was set up in the 2 minute commercial break; this is live television, so there's no stopping it! Thankfully, I created the green boards ahead of time to tilt up the games, so I was able to set up some of the complex items on the boards during the first segment. It was truly a rush to try and get all of that set up in 2 minutes, and then take it all down in 2 minutes as well to set up for the next segment!

One of the difficult things about being on live TV is that you kick yourself later for things you did and did not say. For example, I blanked on the "educational purposes" question and didn't talk about the basic things you learn in many games - planning, probabilities, negotiating, etc. (although when confronted with a question about the educational value of Nexus Ops with no time to think about it, a clever diversion was about the best I could do).

Overall, it went well. It ran 17 minutes, which is a huge amount of live TV time to fill. They had originally slated it for 12 minutes, but got calls during the segment, so I guess they extended it. (This was running during the pledge drive, so perhaps that came into play.)

I've got the video here in different formats:

High-Quality Quicktime .mov (34 MB)

High-Quality Windows Media (68 MB)

Low-Quality Windows Media (5.4 MB)

If you'd like to come and play, visit for more information.


Scott Nicholson's First show on HourCNY (Blokus, Niagra, Cluzzle, Villa Paletti)

I recently was asked to come on a local PBS live talk show and talk about board games. The producers had seen this article in the local paper and wanted me to do a version on TV. I turned to the experts - the boardgame community at BoardGameGeek - and got help through a discussion forum.

I ended up having room to demonstrate 4 games. I wanted games that could be purchased locally, were visually interesting, and easy to explain (or so I thought...). I chose Blokus, Niagara (as Syracuse is close to Niagara Falls), Cluzzle, and Villa Paletti. I had a bag with many more games with me, but made choices based upon space. For example, I started out setting up Ticket to Ride, but it took up almost half the table by itself!

The segment went well. I had a few flubs, but overall, am happy with it. As soon as they ended it, about 20 people appeared out of nowhere and began playing with the games. That really surprised me; the crew was eager to give things a shot. There were giggles and hoots as people tried to pull more columns out and place pieces in Blokus. I thought I'd just quietly pack my games, but I continued answering questions and giving advice long after the cameras were off.

I've captured it and am providing it here. Feel free to send this page along to your friends and family who might be interested in these games. If you are in the area, come over and play with the Syracuse Boardgamers!

There are different versions for you to explore.

There's a non-streaming Quicktime version at

If you prefer Windows Media files , I've got it at (high-quality, 54MB file) and (low-quality, 9MB file).

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